Linda Myers

Linda Myers developed her interest in beading in 1994. It quickly became her passion in life. So much so that in 1995 she had the opportunity to leave her corporate job working in Human Resources for ARCO and started working at Alaska Bead Company where, in a short period of time, she took the helm as Store Manager.

Once at Alaska Bead Company, Linda took the opportunity to learn everything she could about beads and beading by reading just about every beading book that was ever published, and by studying with the top beaders in the world including Cynthia Rutledge, NanC Meinhardt, and David Chatt. From such passion and dedication, Linda over the years has developed a repertoire of over 75 classes that she teaches in beading, wire working, and polymer clay.

In addition to her passion for beading, she loves teaching beading techniques to others. Every time she teaches a class, she gets so excited watching the class participants create. Helping others work through the process of creating is also energizing to her. When watching others play with design and color, it never ceases to amaze her what they come up with. She also finds such inspiration from watching students struggle with an idea and then figure out exactly what they need to do to make it work.

The pleasure of playing with her beads, teaching others about the importance of playing and creating, and working with others as they move along in the creative process is a never-ending enjoyment for Linda.