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Wirework/Metalsmithing Classes

Classes Offered Summer 2017:

Wirework I—
Spirals, Spirals, Spirals


Beginning Wirework II— Caging & More

Intermediate Wirework— Chains, Clasps & More

Wire Beads

Wire Pendant

Viking Knitting

Chain, Beads,
Pearls & More


Head Pins and
DooDads Galore


Wire Jigin' Jewelry

Tree of Life

Classes in our roster, but not offered in Summer 2017:

Call of the
Wind Earrings


Jump Rings Galore

Stackable Bangles

Twisted Leaf
Drop Earrings


Decorated Soldered
Disc Bracelet/

Weaving Workshop: Beginners
"Figure 8"

Weaving Workshop: Beginners
"Two and Two"


Come Metal
with Me

"Love" It!

Anansi Earrings

 Chevron: The
Basic Cuff

Freeform Soldered Pendant

Captured and Framed Cab!

Cha-Cha Rings

Leather, Metal Stamping & Riveting, Oh My!

Capture & Frame
It with Prongs

Stamped Message
on a Pendant


Victoriana Earrings

Wire Bracelet


Scrolled Around Bracelet

All Coiled
Up Earrings


Forged Bangle

Fused Chain
Bracelet & More





The Wrap Ring


Wire Caged Cabochon

Repousse Made Easy


All classes are held in one of our classrooms at Alaska Bead Company, 2217 E. Tudor Rd., Suite 7, Anchorage, AK (at Lake Otis, located behind Golden Donuts). For more class information, see our Class, Refund & Registration Information page.

Print Class Schedule: You may download/print a complete class schedule in a pdf file: Summer 2017 Class Schedule.

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