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Beaded Project Classes (non-jewelry)

Classes offered Summer 2017:



Kaleidoscope in a Box

Triangular Enclosure


Resin Pendant

Sculptural Peyote Basket


Classes in our roster, but not offered Summer 2017:

Beaded Goddess



Magical Wands

Gettin' Crabby

Bead the World!

Making Rosaries

Basic Peyote

Bead Embroidery

Fun with RAW

Sparkling Egg

Rt. Angle Weave: Carol's
Sachet Pouch


Treasure Pin Cushion

Miniature Crystal
Holiday Ornament


My Time to Bead

Beaded ID Card Case

Heirloom Alpha

Let's Go Fly a Kite

2-Needle Couching


Diamonds for Christmas

Beaded Glass Ornaments

All classes are held in one of our classrooms at Alaska Bead Company, 2217 E. Tudor Rd., Suite 7, Anchorage, AK (at Lake Otis, located behind Golden Donuts). For more class information, see our Class, Refund & Registration Information page.

Print Class Schedule: You may download/print a complete class schedule in a pdf file: Summer 2017 Class Schedule.

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